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Math ∩ Programming

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Last updated 11 days ago

Optimization Models for Subset Cover

11 days ago

In a recent newsletter article I complained about how researchers mislead about...

Searching for RH Counterexamples — Unbounded Integers

18 days ago

We’re ironically searching for counterexamples to the Riemann Hypothesis Setting up PytestAdding...

Searching for RH Counterexamples — Adding a Database

about 2 months ago

In the last article we set up pytest for a simple application...

Searching for RH Counterexamples — Setting up Pytest

about 2 months ago

Some mathy-programmy people tell me they want to test their code, but...

Taylor Series and Accelerometers

3 months ago

In my book, A Programmer’s Introduction to Mathematics, I describe the Taylor...

Contextual Symbols in Math

5 months ago

In my book I discuss the importance of context in reading and...

Musings on A New Interface for Mathematics

6 months ago

This essay is a slightly modified version of the closing chapter of...

Second Edition of A Programmer’s Introduction to Mathematics

6 months ago

The Second Edition of A Programmer’s Introduction to Mathematics is now available...

The Communicative Value of Using Git Well

10 months ago

Recently my employer (Google) forced me to switch to Mercurial instead of...

A Good Year for “A Programmer’s Introduction to Mathematics”

11 months ago

A year ago today I self-published “A Programmer’s Introduction to Mathematics” (PIM)...

Silent Duels—Constructing the Solution part 1

over 1 year ago

Previous posts in this series Silent Duels and an Old Paper of...