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Last updated about 5 hours ago

Announcing TxO’s First Cohort: Cohort Alpha

about 5 hours ago

Breaks on a bus, brakes on a car Breaks to make you...

In Defense of the IPO and How to Improve It, Part 2: Peeking Behind the Pop

about 8 hours ago

In our last deep-dive article on IPOs, we outlined how pricing works...

Journal Club: From Insect Eyes to Nanomaterials

1 day ago

On this episode of the Bio Eats World Journal Club, a16z bio...

Anthony Albanese: From the NYSE to Crypto

2 days ago

One of our firm’s cultural values is that we take a long...

Blueprints for data infrastructure; “lakehouse” storage; data is not the new oil, more

3 days ago

This first appeared in the monthly a16z enterprise newsletter. Subscribe to stay...

Bio Eats World: It’s Time to Build in Healthcare—COVID 19, Innovation, and What Comes Next

4 days ago

In this episode of Bio Eats World, a16z founder and internet pioneer...

16 Minutes #44: Gaming Is Among Us

5 days ago

Aliens are among us. Well, the online multiplayer game Among Us is...

a16z Podcast: Textiles as Tech, Science, Math… Culture, and Civilization

6 days ago

“The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into...

Framework for Decision-Making in a Time of Change

7 days ago

COVID is changing many things about the world. Some will be permanent...

Data Alone Is Not Enough: The Evolution of Data Architectures

8 days ago

Data, data, data — it’s long been a buzzword in the industry...

Applied Intuition Series C

8 days ago

Last year, I wrote about our series B investment in Applied Intuition...