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Last updated 13 days ago

How Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer helps Gridium maintain a high quality codebase

13 days ago

Gridium creates software that lets people run commercial buildings at a lower...

Orchestrate Jenkins Workloads using Dynamic Pod Autoscaling with Amazon EKS

19 days ago

This blog post will demonstrate how to leverage Jenkins with Amazon Elastic...

Finding code inconsistencies using Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer

20 days ago

Here we are introducing the inconsistency detector for Java in Amazon CodeGuru...

CDK Corner – August 2021

28 days ago

We’re now well into the dog days of summer but that hasn’t...

Use Amazon ECS Fargate Spot with CircleCI to deploy and manage applications in a cost-effective way

about 1 month ago

This post is written by Pritam Pal, Sr EC2 Spot Specialist SA...

Improve the performance of Lambda applications with Amazon CodeGuru Profiler

about 1 month ago

As businesses expand applications to reach more users and devices, they risk...

Build Next-Generation Microservices with .NET 5 and gRPC on AWS

about 1 month ago

Modern architectures use multiple microservices in conjunction to drive customer experiences. At...

AWS Config RDK: Deploying the Custom Rules using the Terraform

about 1 month ago

To help customers using the Terraform for multi-cloud infrastructure deployment, we have...

Create CIS hardened Windows images using EC2 Image Builder

about 1 month ago

Many organizations today require their systems to be compliant with the CIS...

Deploying Alexa Skills with the AWS CDK

about 1 month ago

So you’re expanding your reach by leveraging voice interfaces for your applications...

Deploy a Docker application on AWS Elastic Beanstalk with GitLab

about 1 month ago

Many customers rely on AWS Elastic Beanstalk to manage the infrastructure provisioning...

Using AWS CodePipeline for deploying container images to AWS Lambda Functions

about 1 month ago

AWS Lambda launched support for packaging and deploying functions as container images...