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Cross-account and cross-region deployment using GitHub actions and AWS CDK

about 1 month ago

GitHub Actions is a feature on GitHub’s popular development platform that helps...

How Pushly Media used AWS to pivot and quickly spin up a StartUp

about 1 month ago

This is a guest post from Pushly. In their own words, “Pushly...

Automated CloudFormation Testing Pipeline with TaskCat and CodePipeline

about 2 months ago

Researchers at Academic Medical Centers (AMCs) use programs such as Observational Health...

Federated multi-account access for AWS CodeCommit

about 2 months ago

As a developer working in a large enterprise or for a group...

Reducing Docker image build time on AWS CodeBuild using an external cache

about 2 months ago

With the proliferation of containerized solutions to simplify creating, deploying, and running...