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Last updated 16 minutes ago

Cutting-edge 3D facial scans could give genetic clues to autism

about 7 hours ago

Researchers are using high-tech 3D facial scans to give us a better...

When organoids meet coronaviruses

about 8 hours ago

Researchers established an organoid biobank to search for the genes that are...

Jaws; or, how an African ray-finned fish is helping to rethink the fundamentals of evolution

about 23 hours ago

A family of fishes, called the cichlids, in Africa's Lake Malawi is...

Researchers improve optical tissue clearing method to diagnose cancer

about 23 hours ago

The ability to visualize cancerous tumors and metastatic tissue three dimensionally (3D)...

'Blue food revolution' to tackle climate change and malnutrition

about 23 hours ago

An unprecedented review of the aquatic foods sector has uncovered how fisheries...

Patients with multiple sclerosis show robust T-cell responses to mRNA COVID-19 vaccines

about 23 hours ago

New research shows that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are effective at inducing T-cell...

COVID-19 virus is evolving to get better at becoming airborne, new study shows

about 23 hours ago

A new study finds that SARS-CoV-2 is evolving toward more efficient aerosol...

Consuming fruit and vegetables and exercising can make you happier

1 day ago

New research led by the University of Kent and University of Reading...

Link between inflammation and pancreatic cancer development uncovered

1 day ago

A new study finds that pancreatic cells display an adaptive response to...

Cancer cells’ unexpected genetic tricks for evading the immune system

1 day ago

In a surprising new finding in mice, researchers have discovered that many...