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Last updated 37 minutes ago

New fabric makes urban heat islands more bearable

about 11 hours ago

Researchers detail a new wearable fabric that can help urban residents survive...

A conservation market could incentivize global ocean protection

about 11 hours ago

Thirty-by-thirty: protect 30% of the planet by 2030. While conservation is popular...

Can engineered plants help make baby formula as nutritious as breast milk?

about 11 hours ago

New research may help close the nutrition gap between infant formula and...

Pair plasmas found in deep space can now be generated in the lab

about 11 hours ago

Researchers have experimentally generated high-density relativistic electron-positron pair-plasma beams by producing two...

Scientists preserve DNA in an amber-like polymer

about 11 hours ago

With their 'T-REX' method, researchers developed a glassy, amber-like polymer that can...

Are mixed emotions real? New research says yes

about 11 hours ago

Neuroscientists found that brains display distinct neural activity when experiencing emotions such...

The rotation of Earth's inner core has slowed, new study confirms

about 11 hours ago

The new study provides unambiguous evidence that the inner core began to...

New dart launcher may be better way to inject animals with drugs

about 11 hours ago

A new type of dart launcher has been developed as a safer...

Only one in 20 therapies tested in animals reach approval for human use

about 11 hours ago

An analysis of reviews of translational biomedical research reveals that just 5%...

Technologies enable 3D imaging of whole human brain hemispheres at subcellular resolution

about 11 hours ago

A suite of three innovations enables high-resolution, high-throughput imaging of human brain...

Modifying genomes of tardigrades to unravel their secrets

about 11 hours ago

Some species of tardigrades are highly and unusually resilient to various extreme...

The scary, yet promising world of phages, the pathogen's pathogen

about 11 hours ago

Researchers are unlocking the mystery of how bacteria harness viruses to wipe...