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Last updated about 10 hours ago

Do you like weird art? Blame your brain

about 15 hours ago

A new algorithm predicts preferences based on how the brain values paintings

‘The spark has ignited.’ Latin American scientists intensify fight against sexual harassment

about 15 hours ago

But gaps remain in university policies and procedures

NIH hosts nonhuman primate workshop amidst increased scrutiny of monkey research

about 22 hours ago

Participants propose better ways to conduct studies, but some wanted more discussion...

High altitude genes could turn Himalayan wolves into a new species

about 22 hours ago

Genetic analysis suggests they differ significantly from gray wolves

Watch African killifish embryos enter suspended animation to survive

1 day ago

Research suggests a widespread phenomenon known as diapause has no negative effects...

Brickmaking bacteria and solar cells that turn ‘waste’ heat into electricity

1 day ago

On this week’s show: Engineering bacteria to produce “living” materials, converting waste...

Mysterious ‘ghost’ populations had multiple trysts with human ancestors

1 day ago

Genomic studies show interbreeding goes back at least half a million years

Only humans can create climate-altering methane burns, new studies suggest

1 day ago

Global warming won’t trigger cataclysmic methane releases any time soon

First deaths of cruise ship passengers fuel debate over Japan’s handling of quarantine

1 day ago

Outbreak expert takes down alarming YouTube video, says conditions on board the...

Sexual misconduct legal battle raises questions about microbe researcher’s work

1 day ago

Defamation lawsuit brings allegations and past legal problems to light

Europe plans to strictly regulate high-risk AI technology

1 day ago

European Commission’s artificial intelligence plan also promises to pump billions into R&D

Scientists 'strongly condemn' rumors and conspiracies about origin of coronavirus outbreak

2 days ago

A statement in The Lancet. assails misinformation about the possibility that COVID-19...