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Last updated about 15 hours ago

Polar bear hunting a reindeer caught on tape for first time

1 day ago

Unusual behavior had been assumed, but never clearly seen

Dinosaurs thrived until the moment asteroid hit, excavators of controversial site claim

1 day ago

New dino footprints and fossils leave some paleontologists still skeptical of Tanis...

They thought the expedition was lost. Then, they spotted a whale almost no one has seen

1 day ago

Chance encounter off the coast of Oregon enables researchers to identify song...

Breakthrough or bust? Claim of room-temperature superconductivity draws fire

1 day ago

Study slammed by critic, who asserts measurements look suspiciously similar to ones...

Earthquakes boost tree growth

2 days ago

Short-term fertilizing effect leaves signatures in wood cells

Civil war drove these elephants to lose their tusks—through evolution

2 days ago

As ivory poachers wiped out herds, tuskless elephants became more common

NIH says grantee failed to report experiment in Wuhan that created a bat virus that made mice sicker

2 days ago

EcoHealth Alliance violated terms of grant, according to letter to House Republicans

Golden mussels are devastating South American rivers. The Amazon may be next

2 days ago

Invasive mollusk is quickly spreading through Brazil, choking out native species and...

First Viking settlement in North America dated to exactly 1000 years ago

3 days ago

Felled trees and cosmic rays reveal when L’Anse aux Meadows was occupied

Ancient DNA reveals the long-sought homeland of modern horses

3 days ago

Bronze Age riders trotted out their new mounts in the western Eurasian...

Physicist-turned-climate adviser says developing countries will be seeking money at U.N. climate talks

3 days ago

Bill Hare says vulnerable nations need debt relief, grants, and donations