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Last updated about 3 hours ago

We're Just Never Getting Another Titanfall, Are We

about 4 hours ago

Look, Apex Legends is a fine shooter, but Titanfall 2 was one...

Pokémon Unite Sleep Nerf Could Devastate Snorlax, Wigglytuff Players

about 6 hours ago

While fresh duds and some great quality-of-life changes are definitely exciting, today’s...

Animal Crossing's Ankha Porn Video Becomes Internet Sensation

about 6 hours ago

The Animal Crossing character Ankha is currently a popular meme trending on...

Deathloop: The Kotaku Review

about 7 hours ago

Video games are inescapably intertwined with iteration and do-overs. It’s written into...

The Whiteness of Skater XL’s Mods Is A Major Bummer

about 8 hours ago

Skater XL, the skateboarding simulator developed by Easy Day Studios, is one...

Epic Confirms Massive L: Fortnite Not Returning To Apple Any Time Soon

about 8 hours ago

Today, Tim Sweeney confirmed on Twitter just how massive of an “L”...

Why The FGC Won’t Stop Talking About Melty Blood: Type Lumina

about 8 hours ago

Fighting game YouTubers (like JMSCrofts, Jiyuna, and Rooflemonger) are talking a lot...

Final Fantasy XIV Players Mourn Voice Actor’s Death With In-Game Vigils

about 9 hours ago

If you’ve visited Final Fantasy XIV city-state Ishgard recently, you might have...

Pokémon Unite Just Massively Leveled The Playing Field Against 'Pay To Win'

about 9 hours ago

Since release, it’s been difficult to talk about the merits of pocket...

Renaissance Faire: The Kotaku Review

about 11 hours ago

Life doesn’t often let you know when your brain will flip. If...

Playing Genshin Impact's Last Update As Its Villain Was Eye-Opening

about 12 hours ago

I’ve been building up my Raiden Shogun character so that I could...

Nintendo Announces Surprise 40-Minute Direct For Thursday

about 12 hours ago

Pour one out for every gamer who had plans after work tomorrow...