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Last updated almost 5 years ago

Actionable strategies for better user onboarding

almost 5 years ago

There are two funnels for SaaS companies. The first is all about...

Working as a designer in a foreign language

almost 5 years ago

The design industry speaks English. The articles we read, the tools we...

Wootric’s Deepa Subramanian on measuring the voice of the customer

almost 5 years ago

If you wanted to know your customers’ gripes and praises in the...

Announcing the second edition of ‘Intercom on Onboarding’

almost 5 years ago

Since we first published Intercom on Onboarding back in 2016, awareness about...

Why being new can be empowering and not terrifying

almost 5 years ago

Congratulations on your new job! You’re likely meeting heaps of new people...

The recipe for developing your career as a product designer

almost 5 years ago

Picture this: You’re a product designer with a handful of years on...

A behind-the-scenes look at building Product Tours

about 5 years ago

That’s why we recently launched Product Tours, a dead-simple onboarding tool featuring...

The art of the customer follow-up and delightful customer service

about 5 years ago

Part of the ritual of eating a meal in a good restaurant...

The Agile Arrow – a visual framework for managing complex sales deals

about 5 years ago

Mid-market and enterprise sales deals are undeniably complex. There are many decision...

A content-first approach to product onboarding

about 5 years ago

Knowing your user’s story is central to a great onboarding experience –...

The future of customer acquisition with HubSpot’s Meghan Keaney Anderson

about 5 years ago

What does this have to do with marketing? Well, in this day...

Customize your onboarding with these 11 onboarding tools

about 5 years ago

With the release of Product Tours, our new feature for building guided...