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A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering

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Last updated 2 months ago

Attack of the week: Voice calls in LTE

2 months ago

I haven’t written an “attack of the week” post in a while...

A few thoughts about Signal’s Secure Value Recovery

3 months ago

Over the past several months, Signal has been rolling out a raft...

Does Zoom use end-to-end encryption?

7 months ago

TL;DR: It’s complicated Yesterday Zoom (the videoconferencing company, not the defunct telecom)...

EARN IT is a direct attack on end-to-end encryption

8 months ago

Yesterday a bipartisan group of U.S. Senators introduced a new bill called...

What is the random oracle model and why should you care? (Part 5)

10 months ago

This is part five of a series on the Random Oracle Model...

On client-side media scanning

11 months ago

A few weeks ago, U.S. Attorney General William Barr joined his counterparts...

How safe is Apple’s Safe Browsing?

about 1 year ago

This morning brings new and exciting news from the land of Apple...

Looking back at the Snowden revelations

about 1 year ago

Edward Snowden recently released his memoirs. In some parts of the Internet...

How does Apple (privately) find your offline devices?

over 1 year ago

At Monday’s WWDC conference, Apple announced a cool new feature called “Find...

Attack of the week: searchable encryption and the ever-expanding leakage function

over 1 year ago

A few days ago I had the pleasure of hosting Kenny Paterson...

On Ghost Users and Messaging Backdoors

almost 2 years ago

The past few years have seen some amazing progress in the deployment...

Let’s talk about PAKE

about 2 years ago

The first rule of PAKE is: nobody ever wants to talk about...