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Last updated 2 days ago

Hackers alter stolen regulatory data to sow mistrust in COVID-19 vaccine

2 days ago

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Last month, the makers of one of the...

How law enforcement gets around your smartphone’s encryption

2 days ago

Enlarge / Uberwachung, Symbolbild, Datensicherheit, Datenhoheit (credit: Westend61 | Getty Images) Lawmakers...

The NSA warns enterprises to beware of third-party DNS resolvers

3 days ago

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) DNS over HTTPS is a new protocol that...

Hackers used 4 zero-days to infect Windows and Android devices

4 days ago

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Google researchers have detailed a sophisticated hacking operation...

AT&T kills off the failed TV service formerly known as DirecTV Now

4 days ago

Enlarge / AT&T corporate offices on November 10, 2020, in El Segundo...

Mimecast says hackers stole a certificate and used it to target its customers

5 days ago

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Email management provider Mimecast said that hackers have...

Parler’s amateur coding could come back to haunt Capitol Hill rioters

5 days ago

Enlarge / Parler? (credit: Getty Images) By now, you may have heard...

Jared Mauch didn’t have good broadband—so he built his own fiber ISP

6 days ago

Jared Mauch installed about five miles' worth of this fiber cable. [credit:...

SolarWinds malware has “curious” ties to Russian-speaking hackers

6 days ago

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) The malware used to hack Microsoft, security company...

New York City proposes regulating algorithms used in hiring

8 days ago

Enlarge (credit: John Lamb | Getty Images) In 1964, the Civil Rights...

Reddit’s largest remaining Trump community banned for “inciting violence”

9 days ago

Enlarge / The image currently at the top of r/donaldtrump. (credit: Reddit)...

Hackers can clone Google Titan 2FA keys using a side channel in NXP chips

10 days ago

Enlarge (credit: Google) There’s wide consensus among security experts that physical two-factor...