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Last updated about 21 hours ago

Rufus Fixes Creation of Persistent Ubuntu 24.04 USBs

about 22 hours ago

Rufus, a popular open-source tool for making bootable USB drives on Windows...

Snap Store Website Redesign Goes Live – And It Looks Good

2 days ago

Stop by the Snap Store website today you’ll see it’s undergone a...

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Upgrades Officially Open

3 days ago

It’s now possible to upgrade to Ubuntu 24.04 LTS from earlier versions...

Mozilla Shares Updated Roadmap for Firefox – Vertical Tabs, AI + More

3 days ago

Wondering what sort of features Mozilla has planned for upcoming versions of...

Slack Linux App Fixes Screen Sharing Under Wayland

4 days ago

If you use Slack on Ubuntu and were frustrated that screen sharing...

Keep Losing OneDrive File Access in Ubuntu 24.04? Here’s a Fix

5 days ago

Of the (many) handy new features in Ubuntu 24.04 LTS is the...

Ubuntu 24.04 Now Runs on the Nintendo Switch (Unofficially)

5 days ago

There are plenty of fun things you can do on a Nintendo...

Ubuntu 24.10 to Enable Wayland for NVIDIA Users

8 days ago

Ubuntu first switched to using Wayland as its default display server in...

VMware Workstation Pro Now Free to Use on Linux & Windows

10 days ago

VMware has made its professional virtualisation software free to use on Windows...

Mozilla Firefox 126 is Now Available to Download

11 days ago

Mozilla Firefox 126 is now available download, and in-app updates beginning to...

Linux Kernel 6.9 Released, This is What’s New

12 days ago

Linux kernel 6.9 has been released after several months of attentive development...

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Runs Brilliantly on the Raspberry Pi 5

14 days ago

The recent Ubuntu 24.04 LTS release has garnered plenty of praise for...