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Last updated 1 day ago

BigQuery community UDFs go global to simplify data transformations for everyone

1 day ago

BigQuery users, rejoice! We're excited to announce that community-contributed BigQuery User Defined...

Unlocking API performance insights with Apigee custom reports

1 day ago

Monitoring API performance is crucial for user experience, business protection, and proactive...

Supercharging Anti-Money Laundering (AML) with Generative AI at Strise

1 day ago

Who are we For financial institutions, maintaining compliance with national and international...

What’s new with Cloud SQL for MySQL: Vector search, Gemini support, and more

1 day ago

Cloud SQL for MySQL offers the robust performance, scalability, and reliability businesses...

How to safeguard your SSH environment with Identity-Aware Proxy and Security Command Center

2 days ago

Identifying and securing internet-facing resources is an essential part of cloud security...

Build maps in the cloud with BigQuery DataFrames, Gemini, and CARTO

2 days ago

In today's data-driven world, unlocking the power of location data is crucial...

Free to be SRE, with this systems engineering syllabus

2 days ago

Creating and implementing reliable systems (of code, infrastructure, or anything really) forms...

Five more ways to save on Compute Engine costs

2 days ago

In previous post I shared with you five tips on how to...

UNC3944 Targets SaaS Applications

2 days ago

Introduction UNC3944 is a financially motivated threat group that carries significant overlap...

Join the latest Google Cloud Security Talks on the intersection of AI and cybersecurity

3 days ago

As AI continues to change the way we work, security professionals are...

Build gen AI apps quickly with LangChain VectorStore in Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL

3 days ago

We recently announced a suite of LangChain packages for the Google Cloud...

Lightricks boosts search retrieval rates by 40% with vector support in Cloud SQL

3 days ago

Editor’s note: Lightricks builds innovative photo and video creation apps based on...