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THE EASY WAY how to SSH into Bash and WSL2 on Windows 10 from an external machine

about 23 hours ago

This is an interesting blog post on How to SSH into WSL2...

How to SSH into WSL2 on Windows 10 from an external machine

5 days ago

OpenSSH has shipped in Windows for 5 years now, so that's cool...

How do I find which directory my .NET Core console application was started in or is running from?

7 days ago

I got a great question emailed to me today. And while I...

Official Support for Remote Debugging a .NET Core Linux app in WSL2 from Visual Studio on Windows

12 days ago

I've blogged before about Developing on Docker with the new and improved...

Finding Joy in Making Happy Little Computer Videos on YouTube

14 days ago

We're all remote and it's sad, but I've found some new joy...

Exploring the .NET open source hybrid ORM library RepoDB

19 days ago

It's nice to explore alternatives, especially in open source software. Just because...

How to make separate Work and Personal Profiles with the New Microsoft Edge on Beyoncé's Internet

21 days ago

I'm a long time Chrome user but have been slowly finding myself...

You're tired because your lizard brain knows that Zoom meetings aren't natural

about 1 month ago

Remote work isn't normal. It's great when it's not quarantine work, to...

Using the Blockly visual programming editor to call a .NET Core WebAPI

about 1 month ago

I like to showcase interesting and cool open source projects that need...

The Importance of Nesting when Remote Working and Quarantine Working

about 2 months ago

We've all learned the hard way that Quarantine work is not Remote...

Easily rename your Git default branch from master to main

about 2 months ago

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IEFT) points out that "Master-slave is an...

Mirroring your Presence Status from the Microsoft Graph in Teams to LIFX or Hue bias lighting

3 months ago

During the Microsoft Build keynote last week - that you can watch...