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Last updated about 5 hours ago

Wicked Cool Experience: Nostalgic and Fun Wicked Coolkit

about 6 hours ago

Feel like learning something new? Want to experience Web 1.0 again? You...

How NOT to Secure Web Payment Systems

about 7 hours ago

How to get a Covid test for free | Bugs in covid...

"BTC or ETH Micropayments Are Still Not On The Same Level As VISA or Mastercard" - Rossen Yordanov

about 7 hours ago

This article talks about why fintech giants are entering the cryptocurrency industry...

The Truth About Less Biased Data-Informed Predictive Policing

about 10 hours ago

Critics say it merely techwashes injusticeRead the full story

How To Use the Paid Plans API for Pricing Plan Ordering

about 10 hours ago

This article describes how you can use the Velo Paid Plans API...

The Best Java Libraries that Every Developer Should Know

about 11 hours ago

This article describes Java libraries like Apache Commons, Guava, Log4j2, Logback, SLF4J...

How Bitcoin as Legal Tender in Latin America Affects The Rest of the World

about 11 hours ago

El Salvador adopting Bitcoin as a legal tender, crypto adoption in Latin...

7 Ways to Beat Zoom Fatigue and Improve Your Virtual Meetings

about 11 hours ago

Zoom fatigue is plaguing productivity. Explore fun and data-driven ways to overcome...

The Pandemic was a Catalyst for the Insurance Industry’s Digital Transformation

about 12 hours ago

The insurance industry must continue to serve as a safety net for...

Consensus 2021: Understanding LatAm Blockchain States and Protocol Usage Metrics

about 13 hours ago

Consensus 2021 panel discussions around crypto states in Latin America and layer...

SVG: How to Use Scalable Vector Graphics in WordPress

about 13 hours ago

Uploading SVG images to a WordPress website can be tricky. However, there's...

Talent for Tech? Job Tips From 5 Top Women in Tech

about 13 hours ago

As the technology sector expands, there are exponential opportunities for people from...