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Last updated about 6 hours ago

The MRR Guide that Actually Makes Sense

about 7 hours ago

Monthly Recurring Revenue, or MRR, is a way of calculating total repeatable...

DeFi and the Rise of Stablecoins

about 8 hours ago

In the last few years, Bitcoin has had an unexpected competitor -...

Trends Or Quality: What Should Come First In Mobile E-Commerce

about 8 hours ago

The mobile e-commerce market is becoming more and more competitive, and companies...

How to Scrape NLP Datasets From Youtube

about 8 hours ago

Too lazy to scrape nlp data yourself? In this post, I’ll show...

Parallel Merge Sort with Fork/Join Framework

about 8 hours ago

In this article, I show how to use the ForkJoinPool, which hasn’t...

Cost Effective Data Warehousing: Delta View and Partitioned Raw Table

about 8 hours ago

The worst nightmare of analytics managers is accidentally blowing up the data...

Mimicking Human Testers: Automated Testing With Puppeteer

about 9 hours ago

Why Puppeteer is useful for automated browser testing. In combination with Jest...

Evolution of The Data Production Paradigm in AI

about 9 hours ago

The long-term success of an AI-based product relies on having the infrastructure...

How to Predict News: Message Sequence Analysis & Digital Intuition

about 10 hours ago

We can be warned about upcoming events predominantly occurring under similar circumstances.Read...

Five Tech Innovations that Found Application in Crimes Solving

about 11 hours ago

Are you interested in true crime? Here are five innovations in technology...

Chainlink Vs. Umbrella Network Vs. Kylin Network Vs. DIA Protocol: A Comparative Analysis

about 14 hours ago

Here, we will show you how each of these decentralized oracles was...

How to use a Gatsby Static Site to Manage Paid Subscriptions

about 15 hours ago

Learn how to extend a Gatsby static-site to manage memberships and paid...