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Last updated about 19 hours ago

Ford boosts spending to increase production capacity of its F-150 Lightning electric truck

1 day ago

Ford said Thursday it will invest another $250 million and add 450...

Tanso nabs $1.9M pre-seed to help industrial manufacturers do sustainability reporting

1 day ago

The climate crisis is creating massive demand for data capture as industries...

EnerVenue raises $100M to accelerate clean energy using nickel-hydrogen batteries

2 days ago

In order to support a buildout of renewable energy, which tends to...

Index leads $12.2M seed in Sourceful, a data play to make supply chains greener

2 days ago

Supply chains can be a complex logistical challenge. But they pose an...

Laser-initiated fusion leads the way to safe, affordable clean energy

8 days ago

Siegfried Glenzer Contributor Siegfried Glenzer, a recipient of the Ernest Orlando Lawrence...

The 4 things needed to reach Biden’s ambitious 2050 solar goal

9 days ago

A report on the future of solar energy from the Department of...

Forerunner is software for NFIMBYs, or no flooding in my backyard

9 days ago

Mayors have the toughest job in the world, and leading a city...

Continental’s eco-friendly concept tire includes a renewable tread

9 days ago

Jon Fingas Contributor Jon Fingas is a contributing writer at Engadget. More...

LastPad is a reusable menstrual pad that does away with disposable towels

16 days ago

Direct to consumer online sales have helped a number of female-focused startups...

EV charging solutions will become an asset, not a liability, to the grid

17 days ago

Oren Ezer Contributor Share on Twitter Oren Ezer is CEO and co-founder...

Heimdal pulls CO2 and cement-making materials out of seawater using renewable energy

18 days ago

One of the consequences of rising CO2 levels in our atmosphere is...

On the future of walls, or The Wall

20 days ago

Space may be the endless frontier, but here on Earth, we define...