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Didier Stevens

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Last updated 9 days ago

Update: cut-bytes.py Version 0.0.17

9 days ago

–prefix and –suffix can now also be filenames. cut-bytes_V0_0_17.zip (http)MD5: 86D0692C6303248639A740E7A2AC4525SHA256: D4FCFBD2305D7E5E97AB993741DF95B4565A882B0CD7DBA061D09578A1DDADA7

Update: oledump.py Version 0.0.77

11 days ago

This is an update for plugin plugin_biff.py Protected xls files (workbook protection,...

Update: hash.py Version 0.0.13

15 days ago

This is a bugfix release for @files. hash_V0_0_13.zip (http)MD5: 43419BBB95FC1321EC6098AE369DEC26SHA256: 88BD3A7B71BB2C8579F49E76E8069E7A5A4B23DCF1DB1716E5E2C9F78BFF6D5B

Overview of Content Published in June

16 days ago

Here is an overview of content I published in June Blog posts:...

Update: emldump.py Version 0.0.14

about 1 month ago

This small update for emldump adds support for UTF8 files that start...

Update: python-per-line.py Version 0.0.12

about 1 month ago

New option -O allows to use a function that receives a object...

MyJSON Tools

about 1 month ago

I created a page with an intro to and overview of my...

Update: InteractiveSieve Version

about 1 month ago

New features in this version of InteractiveSieve are Load and Split With...

Update: base64dump.py version 0.0.25

about 1 month ago

This new version adds a new post processing function to extract the...

Update: pdf-parser.py Version 0.7.9

about 1 month ago

I added option -j –jsonoutput to my pdf-parser.py tool This option produces...

Update: FileScanner Version

about 1 month ago

This is a small change to my FileScanner tool to make it...

Update: what-is-new.py Version 0.0.4

about 1 month ago

Added option -D –dumpformat to specify the format of the dumped information...