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Last updated 4 days ago

In Memory of Nicole Brown Simpson

4 days ago

O.J. Simpson died this week. In light of this news, here’s radical...

The Top 5 Longreads of the Week

4 days ago

This story was funded by our members. Join Longreads and help us...

The Great Serengeti Land Grab

4 days ago

The Maasai people were stewards of the Serengeti for centuries. Now they’re...

An Age of Hyperabundance

4 days ago

Laura Preston didn’t really believe in the promise of artificial intelligence—which is...

What Did the Vikings Eat?

5 days ago

Daniel Serrahas has been studying the food habits of the Vikings for...

Bats of the Midnight Sun

5 days ago

For Hakai Magazine, Trina Moyles introduces us to Jesika Reimer, a chiropterologist...

One Man’s Quest to Transform the West Texas Desert

5 days ago

Shaun Overton, a former programmer from Fort Worth, Texas, has a vision...

Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Break Down the Making of Shaun of the Dead, 20 Years Later

5 days ago

Shaun of the Dead was a British movie that launched a new...

The Toxic Culture at Tesla

6 days ago

Colleagues using the N-word frequently and openly. Spray-painted swastikas in the parking...

Silicon Savanna: The Workers Taking on Africa’s Digital Sweatshops

6 days ago

You may have read about the trauma afflicting American workers who do...

She Had a Severe Brain Injury—So Her Husband Turned to an Unprecedented Therapy

6 days ago

Can psychedelics help to restore consciousness in a patient whose awareness is...

Right-Wing Media and the Death of an Alabama Pastor: An American Tragedy

7 days ago

Bubba Copeland was the heart and soul of his community—mayor, businessman. When...