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Last updated about 12 hours ago

Grandoreiro Banking Trojan Hits Brazil as Smishing Scams Surge in Pakistan

about 13 hours ago

Pakistan has become the latest target of a threat actor called the...

Pakistani Hackers Use DISGOMOJI Malware in Indian Government Cyber Attacks

about 14 hours ago

A suspected Pakistan-based threat actor has been linked to a cyber espionage...

Meta Halts AI Training on EU User Data Amid Privacy Concerns

about 15 hours ago

Meta on Friday said it's delaying its efforts to train the company's...

Google's Privacy Sandbox Accused of User Tracking by Austrian Non-Profit

1 day ago

Google's plans to deprecate third-party tracking cookies in its Chrome web browser...

Learn to Secure Petabyte-Scale Data in a Webinar with Industry Titans

1 day ago

Data is growing faster than ever. Remember when petabytes (that's 1,000,000 gigabytes!)...

Why Regulated Industries are Turning to Military-Grade Cyber Defenses

1 day ago

As cyber threats loom large and data breaches continue to pose increasingly...

ZKTeco Biometric System Found Vulnerable to 24 Critical Security Flaws

1 day ago

An analysis of a hybrid biometric access system from Chinese manufacturer ZKTeco...

North Korean Hackers Target Brazilian Fintech with Sophisticated Phishing Tactics

1 day ago

Threat actors linked to North Korea have accounted for one-third of all...

Microsoft Delays AI-Powered Recall Feature for Copilot+ PCs Amid Security Concerns

2 days ago

Microsoft on Thursday revealed that it's delaying the rollout of the controversial...

New Attack Technique 'Sleepy Pickle' Targets Machine Learning Models

2 days ago

The security risks posed by the Pickle format have once again come...

Arid Viper Launches Mobile Espionage Campaign with AridSpy Malware

2 days ago

The threat actor known as Arid Viper has been attributed to a...

Why SaaS Security is Suddenly Hot: Racing to Defend and Comply

2 days ago

Recent supply chain cyber-attacks are prompting cyber security regulations in the financial...