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Last updated about 12 hours ago

Making Games with Unity: An Interview with the Creators of Dodgeball Academia

about 12 hours ago

Making games isn’t easy. It takes years of effort, passion, and hard...

It’s time to team up with these co-op games

1 day ago

We’ve teamed up with an assortment of publishers for our newest bundle...

Capture, create, and convert!

2 days ago

The official blog for Convert, Edit, Record your Photos, Videos and Gameplay...

Expand your 5th Edition tabletop world

3 days ago

Sure, you might have the original sourcebooks. And sure, you might not...

Happy 20th birthday Tropico!

4 days ago

Here’s to twenty years as ‘El Presidente’, staying in power, no matter...

For the ultimate Harry Potter movie fan

6 days ago

Step beyond the limits of the silver screen and join Insight Editions...

Step right up, and play $154 of great VR games!

9 days ago

Well, well, well! Who do we have here? Step right up to...

Live the Warhammer universe, one audiobook at a time

9 days ago

Age of Sigmar? 40K? Whether you’re a fan of fantasy or sci-fi...

Call the shots.

10 days ago

Humble Bundle and Unity have joined forces to bring you top-notch tools...

Be the Baddie, and Enjoy It!

11 days ago

Let’s face it. It can get boring being a goody-two-shoes in games...

Hack Your Life

13 days ago

What if there were ways to speed things up, make progress faster...

Experience 3 Complete Telltale Tales!

15 days ago

You’ve no doubt heard of Telltale games; The Walking Dead, Batman, The...