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Last updated about 9 hours ago

A Holiday Season Covid Surge, Outbreaks in Swing States, and More

about 9 hours ago

Catch up on the most important updates from this week.

Why Are Lines at Polling Places So Long? Math

about 10 hours ago

It’s a resource allocation problem, a tough challenge in “queueing theory.” It’s...

How Humanity Spent Its First 20 Years in Orbit Aboard the ISS

about 18 hours ago

Two decades ago, three explorers arrived at the International Space Station and...

In Embryos, Crispr Can Cut Out Whole Chromosomes—That's Bad

1 day ago

The DNA-cutting tool has been hailed as a way to fix genetic...

How Octopuses Use Their Suction Cups to Taste Through Touch

1 day ago

A new study reveals that the invertebrates use a novel kind of...

A New Way to Plug a Human Brain into a Computer: via Veins

1 day ago

Electrodes threaded through the blood vessels that feed the brain let people...

What to Wear When You’re Battling Giant, Venomous Hornets

2 days ago

The suits worn by Washington state entomologists aren't "official" hornet-fighting armor. But...

What Did Pterosaurs Eat? Look Very Closely at Their Teeth

3 days ago

An “infinite focus microscope” reveals characteristic patterns on the flying reptiles’ chompers...

What Should You Do About Holiday Gatherings and Covid-19?

3 days ago

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, there's no perfectly safe way to socialize. But...

These Oceanographers Want to Turn Marine Slime Into Drugs

4 days ago

A California team will use a robotic vehicle to study tiny seafloor...

What Comes After the International Space Station?

4 days ago

Funding for the world's premiere orbital laboratory won't last forever. Its end...

There May Be Far More Water on the Moon Than NASA Thought

5 days ago

A new pair of studies reveals that the resource isn’t limited to...