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Last updated about 2 years ago

How the pursuit of one European peak gave rise to modern mountaineering

about 2 years ago

Climbers reached the Matterhorn's summit in 1865—then tragedy struck.

What is a 'black moon', and how often does one happen?

about 2 years ago

Find out what this lunar event really means, and why it's actually...

10 sweet photos of honeybees

about 2 years ago

In celebration of National Honeybee Day, see our favorite photos of bees...

Why are we afraid of sharks? There's a scientific explanation.

about 2 years ago

Sharks aren't the mindless killers that we've made them out to be.

See the evolution of over 2,000 world flags in under 5 minutes

over 2 years ago

This film features over 2,000 flags, set in motion to Ludwig van...

2 weeks, 4 deaths, and the start of America's fear of sharks

over 2 years ago

It took a string of shark attacks in New Jersey more than...

Cyclone, hurricane, typhoon: What's the difference?

over 2 years ago

Whatever you choose to call them, these monster storms are powerful natural...

Shark attacks: After recent bites, your questions answered

over 2 years ago

Encounters with the big fish are rare, but can be deadly. Here's...

Tornadoes: The science behind the destruction

over 2 years ago

Scientists probe the mysteries of violent twisters.

Plastic proliferates at the bottom of world's deepest ocean trench

over 2 years ago

The remote Marianna Trench offers up yet another plastic bag during a...

Military whales and dolphins: What do they do and who uses them?

over 2 years ago

For all our advanced technology, nothing beats the ability of marine mammals...

How to see the Lyrid meteor shower

over 2 years ago

One of the oldest annual showers on record, the Lyrids put on...