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smitten kitchen

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Last updated about 2 months ago

baked farro with summer vegetables

about 2 months ago

If things seem a little quiet around here this summer, do know...

deviled eggs

2 months ago

I will never find it again [please send me a link if...

frozen strawberry daiquiris

3 months ago

Of course, violins are not made small enough to express the woe...

zucchini butter spaghetti

3 months ago

I am a little bit obsessed with this spaghetti. If we’ve spoken...

chocolate ice cream sandwiches

3 months ago

In 2006, mere weeks into launching this internet food blog presence, I...

perfect, forever cornbread

4 months ago

Here is my almost-summer wish for us: I think we should bring...

chickpea pan bagnat

4 months ago

When I was in high school and we were finally allowed to...

soy-glazed chicken

4 months ago

It’s a gorgeous spring week in New York City, the windows are...

twisty cinnamon buns

5 months ago

Cinnamon buns are perfect — they don’t need disruption, nobody needs a...

quick, easy salsa

5 months ago

I had a very good reason for making this, in fact, the...

classic shortbread

5 months ago

At some point in the swamp of time that has been this...

spring asparagus galette

5 months ago

I know it’s too early for asparagus, at least in New York,...