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smitten kitchen

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Last updated 8 days ago

homemade cream cheese

about 1 month ago

A few years ago, I figured out how to make cream cheese...

tangy braised chickpeas

about 1 month ago

One of my most core cooking beliefs, cemented over 15 vegetarian years...

corn coconut soup

about 2 months ago

I didn’t say it was logical, I think we know better than...

shaved fennel and crushed olive salad

2 months ago

Last week I childishly pouted that nobody really loves fennel salads and...

mathilde’s tomato tart

2 months ago

I read a new novel, The Margot Affair, last month and loved...

kachumber cooler

3 months ago

If you go way back in the land of Smitten Kitchen, you...

dulce de leche chocoflan

3 months ago

If you spend any time on Pinterest or Instagram food searches, and...

pasta with pesto genovese

3 months ago

Welcome to the point of the summer when I don’t remember why...

collard greens with cornmeal dumplings

3 months ago

One of my favorite cookbook purchases of the last year is Toni...