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Last updated 1 day ago

It’s not you, it’s me! Lucienne Roberts exhibits her break-up letter to graphic design

1 day ago

“Graphic design is always political”: The activist-designer takes to Berlin to declare...

Jobs of the week from Superunion, Boden and Why!

2 days ago

Our weekly round-up of jobs posted on our sister site If You...

Jack Sachs and Alphabetical introduce a cast of exuberant characters to welcome UAL’s students back

2 days ago

The Big Welcome campaign was created by the brand agency in collaboration...

“Trucks, guns and Jesus”: Timothy Frazier captures his part of the Virginia Bible Belt

2 days ago

The photographer explains why he wanted to break out of the art-world...

Dakarai Akil’s Afrofuturist collages stem from always “having a thing” for the monster and sci-fi films

2 days ago

The artist uses the archives and materials of the past to visualise...

Mark Corfield-Moore eschews the traditional weaving technique of ikat to explore his dual Thai and British identity

2 days ago

Whereas traditionally the process involves tie-dying an image onto the warp or...

“Finding our way and getting lost is part of life”: The exhibition highlighting the magic – or madness – of wayfinding design

3 days ago

Dn&co accepted open-call submissions for signs that caught their attention, sharing the...

Jacob John Harmer’s Lost Ones captures the volatile period between adolescence and adulthood

3 days ago

In a heartbreaking short film and beautiful photobook, the director depicts the...

How Annie Wang challenged the conventional expectations of motherhood

3 days ago

Is it possible to maintain artistic autonomy during motherhood? The artist reflects...

Football, music and Punjabi culture combine in Raj Dhunna’s textural illustrations

3 days ago

Based in west London, Raj’s work is an extension of himself so...

Mox and Seb Barros eschew posed campaigns by candidly photographing real city kids for Sports Direct

3 days ago

The campaign shows kids returning back to their favourite team sports during...

Step inside the European free party scene as it happened, with Mattia Zoppellaro’s new book Dirty Dancing

3 days ago

Published by record label Klasse Wrecks and Berlin print house We Make...