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Last updated 6 days ago

The .NET Export Portal

6 days ago

While working on some tooling recently I revisited the topic of .NET...

We Need To Talk About MACL

about 1 month ago

If you've never heard of MACL on MacOS, you're not alone. This...

MacOS Injection via Third Party Frameworks

2 months ago

In this post, we are going to take a look at a...

Debugging into .NET

4 months ago

.NET for post-exploitation is here to stay. It has been bundled with...

Hiding your .NET - COMPlus_ETWEnabled

6 months ago

It turns out however that there is a method of disabling ETW...

Designing The Adversary Simulation Lab

8 months ago

In this post we will walk you through the technology used to...

Hiding your .NET - ETW

9 months ago

In this post we will focus on Event Threading for Windows (ETW)...

AWS Lambda Redirector

9 months ago

In this post we will be looking at AWS Lambda, how we...

Testing your RedTeam Infrastructure

10 months ago

As RedTeaming has grown with the industry, so has our need to...

MacOS Filename Homoglyphs Revisited

12 months ago

Last year I posted a few tricks to help when targeting MacOS...

Protecting Your Malware with blockdlls and ACG

about 1 year ago

In an update to Cobalt Strike, the blockdlls command was introduced to...

Bypassing MacOS Privacy Controls

about 1 year ago

Encountering Apple devices during RedTeam engagements is becoming increasingly common, so it's...