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Last updated almost 2 years ago

Prowriters hub week 002|Transportation and how modern transportation has changed and improved life by @emmanu

almost 2 years ago

source Hello steemians, I know you all are doing absolutely good. This...

Support and Resistance – Pivot Analysis

almost 2 years ago

What is Support and Resistance? The purpose of support and resistance levels...

FOREX EDUCATION, The stages of a forex trend

almost 2 years ago

What is a trend. In Forex we can define a trend as...

The Dark Secrets of Unreliable Forex Brokers

almost 2 years ago

Mr. A: “Hey, a friend just showed me his forex trading account...

The Importance of Daily Trading Journal for a Trader

almost 2 years ago

The daily trading journal is a thing which is sometimes forgotten by...

SMA (Simple Moving Average) Explanation

almost 2 years ago

The simplest type of moving average is the simple moving average (SMA)...

Justifying in order not to accept mistakes.

almost 2 years ago

https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2014/10/15/10/53/opposites-489521_960_720.jpg Source Yesterday I was reading a publication on the occasion of...

Aviation Analytics Market Share, Size, Revenue, Latest Trends, CAGR Status, Growth Opportunities and Forecast 2028

almost 2 years ago

The global aviation analytics market size is anticipated to hit USD 4.36...

Are analytics and metrics the same thing?

almost 2 years ago

Hello, From my experience both term are differ analytics and metrics so...

Soviet-era physics kit could save the geothermal industry - The Register

almost 2 years ago

( June 28, 2022; The Register )Description: "Gyrotrons can super heat plasma...

The Ultimate Guide To Annuities: What You Need To Know

over 2 years ago

The Ultimate Guide To Annuities: What You Need To Know? annuities are...

Let's address some critiques of Uber.

over 2 years ago

https://youtu.be/OjW6ZZuJ4w4 Saw a video from the Gravel Institute bashing Uber and thought...