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Last updated 12 minutes ago

Going for a song: Wales inks £300m in deals after shopping spree for hardware, software, and audio-visual equipment

25 minutes ago

Public and voluntary sector welcome to buy from framework agreement winners Its...

Apple re-arms the iMac with 10th-gen Intel Core silicon

about 1 hour ago

Now with $500 option for very special glass that makes monitors sparkle...

NSA warns that mobile device location services constantly compromise spooks and soldiers

about 1 hour ago

It might be best not to ask how the NSA knows this...

What a good eye-dea: Battery-less, grain-of-sand-sized 2.4GHz transmitter to help save your eyesight

about 2 hours ago

Wireless sensor to show 'how the body is responding in real-time' to...

China slams Trump's TikTok ban and buy America purchase plan

about 2 hours ago

Accuses USA of working to destroy businesses it doesn't like China has...

There’s no going back. We have entered the age of digital-first. Now we need to secure it

about 3 hours ago

Tune in and hear all about new research into the benefits of...

Alibaba Cloud reduces RAM, disk size and price of some cloud servers

about 4 hours ago

Tiniest instance type gets price hike and spec shrinkage Alibaba Cloud has...

HPE slashes Windows Server 2019 licence costs – if you buy direct for new AMD-powered servers

about 5 hours ago

Two cores for the price of one, under eleven-month ‘pilot’ scheme HPE...

Chinese debt collectors jailed for cyberbullying under ‘soft violence’ laws

about 6 hours ago

Threatening and insulting WeChat messages and worse earn time inside A Beijing...

Microsoft forked out $13.7m in bug bounties. The reward program's architect thinks the money could be better spent

about 9 hours ago

'A secure dev lifecycle has a much higher ROI than letting the...

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe – because we used astrometry: A Saturn-like world hugging its star

about 10 hours ago

Mexico, US boffins used technique 'for the first time' with ground-based radio...