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Last updated about 2 months ago

Import Azure DevOps Test Plans from One Environment to Another

about 2 months ago

Summary Standardization of Azure DevOps Test Plans and Reusing Them Between Different...

Just go with the flow…. WorkFlow that is with Windows PowerShell

11 months ago

Doctor Scripto returns again with our good friend Joel Vickery, PFE who...

PowerTip: Identify Completed PowerShell Jobs with Data yet to be Received

11 months ago

Summary: Doctor Scripto quickly shows how to identify Completed Jobs in PowerShell...

Parallel Processing with jobs in PowerShell

11 months ago

Hello everyone!  Doctor Scripto is elated to present some more great content...

PowerTip: Use Windows PowerShell to display all Environment variables

12 months ago

Summary: Doctor Scripto demonstrates how to use [System.Environment] to show all currently...

Testing RPC ports with PowerShell (and yes, it’s as much fun as it sounds!)

12 months ago

Summary: Using PowerShell to identify RPC ports in use by capturing content...

PowerTip: Identify if CredentialGuard is enabled with Windows PowerShell

almost 1 year ago

Summary: Easily identify if Credential Guard is enabled using the Get-ComputerInfo Cmdlet...

Use PowerShell to Identify Unassociated Azure Resources

about 1 year ago

Summary: Save costs by Identifying Unassociated Resources left behind after deletions in...

PowerTip: Using Set-ADUser with multi-valued attributes

about 1 year ago

Summary: Using the -Replace parameter with Set-ADUser to take an array to...

Copy multi-valued Active Directory attributes from one user to another with PowerShell

about 1 year ago

Summary: Using -Replace parameter with Set-ADUser to copy Active Directory multi-valued attributes...

PowerTip: Use New-Alias to make Cmdlets easier to remember

about 1 year ago

Summary: Using New-Alias to create easier to remember shortcuts to Cmdlets in...

Using PowerShell to View and Remove Wireless Profiles in Windows 10 – Part 4

about 1 year ago

Summary: Using Windows PowerShell to purge Wlan profiles with NetSh.exe Last week...