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Last updated 3 months ago

Condemning Racism

4 months ago

We are committed to hearing and addressing the experiences of people of...

What is machine learning, and how does it work?

4 months ago

This video from our Methods 101 series explains the basics of machine...

The State of Trust, Facts, and Democracy

5 months ago

As the new year—and an election year—begins, we turn to data on...

How Pew Research Center is covering COVID-19

5 months ago

As an organization committed to informing the public by providing facts and...

7 Questions on the Daily Impact of the Coronavirus

5 months ago

From how we work, socialize, and even pray, the coronavirus has upturned...


9 months ago

The post Appendix appeared first on Pew Research Center.


9 months ago

The American Trends Panel survey methodology Most of the analysis in this...

7. Domestic policy: Taxes, environment, health care

9 months ago

Most Americans have doubts about the fairness of the federal tax system...

6. Views of foreign policy

9 months ago

Roughly seven-in-ten Americans (73%) say that good diplomacy is the best way...

5. Gender, family and marriage, same-sex marriage and religion

9 months ago

Americans generally believe that women continue to face obstacles that make it...

4. Views on race and immigration

9 months ago

Some of the starkest partisan divides on political values are seen in...

3. Views of the economic system and social safety net

9 months ago

The American public is broadly critical of the power held by major...