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Last updated 7 months ago

A year of U.S. public opinion on the coronavirus pandemic

7 months ago

The biggest takeaway may be the extent to which the decidedly nonpartisan...


7 months ago

The American Trends Panel survey methodology The American Trends Panel (ATP), created...

In their own words, Americans describe the struggles and silver linings of the COVID-19 pandemic

7 months ago

The outbreak has dramatically changed Americans’ lives and relationships over the past...

How America Changed During Donald Trump’s Presidency

8 months ago

Donald Trump's four-year tenure in the White House revealed extraordinary fissures in...

In U.S. and UK, Globalization Leaves Some Feeling ‘Left Behind’ or ‘Swept Up’

12 months ago

Focus groups held across the two nations reveal the degree to which...


12 months ago

In this data essay, we analyzed the national and state-level shifts in...

The Changing Racial and Ethnic Composition of the U.S. Electorate

12 months ago

In battleground states, Hispanics grew more than other racial or ethnic groups...

Condemning Racism

over 1 year ago

We are committed to hearing and addressing the experiences of people of...

What is machine learning, and how does it work?

over 1 year ago

This video from our Methods 101 series explains the basics of machine...

The State of Trust, Facts, and Democracy

over 1 year ago

As the new year—and an election year—begins, we turn to data on...

How Pew Research Center is covering COVID-19

over 1 year ago

As an organization committed to informing the public by providing facts and...

7 Questions on the Daily Impact of the Coronavirus

over 1 year ago

From how we work, socialize, and even pray, the coronavirus has upturned...