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Last updated 8 days ago

News and Travels

8 days ago

First some personally relevant items I finally have a finished version 2.0...

This Week’s Hype

15 days ago

The latest from the BBC String theory – a simple way to...

String Theory and the Real World

17 days ago

I just noticed that Gordon Kane has recently published a second edition...

Various Math and Physics News

19 days ago

First some items on the mathematics side The latest AMS Notices has...

Visit to Brown

29 days ago

I spent yesterday up in Providence, visiting the Theoretical Physics Center at...

Euclidean Twistor Unification, version 2.0

about 1 month ago

I’ve completely re-organized and largely rewritten my paper from earlier this year...

This Week’s Hype

about 1 month ago

Today Quanta has One Lab’s Quest to Build Space-Time Out of Quantum...

Conversations on Quantum Gravity

about 2 months ago

Things for many years now have been going badly for string theory...

Some Math Items

3 months ago

Some math items that may be of interest Zentralblatt Math has a...

More of the Same (Physics, Math and Unification)

3 months ago

I was going to just provide the following links with a some...

Steven Weinberg 1933-2021

3 months ago

I heard this morning the news that Steven Weinberg passed away yesterday...

The Problem of Quantization

3 months ago

I’ve been watching Witten’s ongoing talks about geometric Langlands mentioned here, and...