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Last updated about 3 hours ago

Biggest tech IPOs of 2021

about 4 hours ago

The 2020 calendar year will long be remembered as an annus horribilis...

Best-loved productivity tools of the rich and famous

about 4 hours ago

What’s that one productivity tool you simply couldn’t live without? For me,...

The problem with the Poly Studio E70 and X70

about 5 hours ago

I got a briefing this week on the impressive Poly E70 conference...

The rise of tablets: Why we don't need laptops or phones anymore

about 5 hours ago

The tablet is a provocative beast.Make a big one, and people argue...

Windows 11 Insider Previews: What’s in the latest build?

about 17 hours ago

Microsoft announced the upcoming release of Windows 11 in late June and...

Podcast: Apple introduces the A15-powered iPhone 13, plus iOS 14.8 patches Pegasus spyware flaw

about 21 hours ago

Apple announced its latest additions to its iPhone lineup, as well as...

Apple’s challenge now: innovation at scale

1 day ago

Apple is the perfect illustration of what happens to a company when...

A handy hidden shortcut for taking control in Chrome on Android

1 day ago

One of the absolute worst parts about browsing this dusty ol' web...

It’s been a big week for patches

1 day ago

This week brought updates that I consider critical for the “Big Three”...

Windows 11: Just say no

1 day ago

It will be one thing, say, later this year or in 2022,...

What the iPhone 13 and iPad mini mean for the enterprise

2 days ago

Apple’s 77-minute iPhone 13 event wasn’t the longest such launch in recent...

Noteworthy technology acquisitions 2021

2 days ago

Amid the coronavirus, 2020 was unpredictable in more ways than anyone would...