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Last updated almost 2 years ago

New York Child Abuse Laws: An Overview

almost 2 years ago

In New York, child abuse laws fall under the Criminal Code. Under...

Avoiding Custody Disputes Over Summer Break

almost 2 years ago

The summer break offers an excellent opportunity for kids to have fun...

Will Your Social Media Sink Your Case?

almost 2 years ago

Unless you are stuck in the stone age, you are likely an...

What You Need To Know About Your Child’s Passport…

almost 2 years ago

It’s almost time for summer travel and your children need their passports....

How Does A New York Court Determine The Best Interests Of A Child For Custody?

almost 2 years ago

The primary factor in determining which parent will get physical and/or legal...

How To Ready Your Finances When Facing Divorce

almost 2 years ago

If you expect to file for divorce or expect it may occur...

Steps To Take If You Are Experiencing Domestic Violence

about 2 years ago

Domestic violence continues to be a significant concern in modern society. Although...

What If My Ex-Spouse Or Partner Refuses To Pay For Child Support?

about 2 years ago

When you divorce your spouse, the divorce order may require a noncustodial...

What Qualifies As Child Neglect In New York?

about 2 years ago

Under the New York family law, child neglect is defined as the...

Newly Divorced In The New Year – Here Is What To Expect

about 2 years ago

Overcoming the challenges after a divorce is not easy, and things can...

New Year’s Resolutions For The Newly Divorced

about 2 years ago

The New Year is a time to set new goals and envision...

Co-Parenting During The Holidays

about 2 years ago

The holidays often come with a whole list of events – special...