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Last updated about 5 hours ago

Collateral Damage: Kernel exploit for Xbox SystemOS using CVE-2024-30088

about 13 hours ago

submitted by /u/Titokhan [link] [留言]

Security's Achilles' Heel: Vulnerable Drivers on the Prowl

about 14 hours ago

submitted by /u/thewatcher_ [link] [留言]

MailGoose: Your Solution to Curb E-mail Spoofing

about 16 hours ago

submitted by /u/kazet1234 [link] [留言]

Getting Started with Hollow Process Injection for beginners to intermediate

about 17 hours ago

submitted by /u/Altrntiv-to-security [link] [留言]

What Do the Developers Think of Your Security Program?

about 17 hours ago

submitted by /u/Spriffy [link] [留言]

SharpHound Detection

about 21 hours ago

submitted by /u/netbiosX [link] [留言]

CORS: the ultimate guide

5 days ago

submitted by /u/imaibou [link] [留言]

A Race to the Bottom - Database Transactions Undermining Your AppSec

5 days ago

submitted by /u/nibblesec [link] [留言]

SaladCat: open-source and highly scalable password cracking using gamer GPUs

5 days ago

submitted by /u/JetSetKyle [link] [留言]

Boost your dev team productivity

5 days ago

submitted by /u/eqsbrilldev [link] [留言]