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Last updated about 1 hour ago

2 killed in Idaho shopping mall shooting, gunman & responding officer both injured in shootout, as motives remain unknown

about 1 hour ago

Two people were killed and another four wounded, including a police officer...

Texas governor signs bill requiring student athletes to compete according to their sex at birth, not gender identity

about 3 hours ago

Transgender students in Texas will no longer be allowed to compete in...

‘Mad scientists playing God’: Florida’s DeSantis calls for Fauci to be fired for ‘dangerous & cruel’ experiments on dogs

about 5 hours ago

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has joined the chorus of US lawmakers lashing...

Russian Navy destroyer chases off PIRATES who attacked container ship off African coast

about 5 hours ago

Pirates hoping to hijack a container ship in the Gulf of Guinea...

WATCH: City employees in New York march across Brooklyn Bridge, stall traffic, in protest against Covid-19 vaccine mandate

about 6 hours ago

Thousands of New York police, firefighters and other city employees took to...

Disavow memo labeling parents ‘domestic terrorists,’ House GOP asks DOJ amid report school board executive got rewarded for it

about 6 hours ago

A group of House Republicans is demanding the Justice Department revoke its...

‘Playing with our free speech’: Author of anti-Biden rap ‘Let’s go Brandon’ CENSORED by YouTube talks to RT after TOPPING US chart

about 7 hours ago

One can’t find Bryson Gray’s ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ on YouTube or Instagram...

‘Is Facebook evil?’ Big Tech whistleblower goes for high drama in anonymity-bashing UK testimony

about 9 hours ago

Facebook is inherently "biased toward bad actors," whistleblower Frances Haugen has warned...

US pauses aid to Sudan, threatens military coup leaders with ‘all measures’ if government not restored

about 9 hours ago

The US State Department has frozen $700 million in aid to Sudan...

Erdogan backtracks on threats to expel US envoy and 9 other ambassadors, after they pledge to not interfere in Turkey’s affairs

about 10 hours ago

Ankara has backtracked on its threats to declare 10 envoys “personae non...

Russian holidaymakers detained by police in Turkey, accused of setting fire to forest while out hiking in dense remote woodland

about 10 hours ago

Turkish police have announced that they are holding a group of seven...