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Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics on Simo Ahava's blog

Get the latest updates from Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics on Simo Ahava's blog directly as they happen.

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Last updated 3 months ago

#GTMTips: Automatic Page View Hits In SGTM After Consent Granted

3 months ago

If you’re using server-side Google Tag Manager, Google (Advanced) Consent Mode and...

#GTMTips: Consent Granted Reprocesses Previously Denied Hits

4 months ago

This will be a quick tip, but it’s here to correct my...

The Technical Marketing Handbook By Simmer

5 months ago

Simmer has just released the Technical Marketing Handbook It’s a free online...

Consent Mode V2 For Google Tags

6 months ago

Google’s Consent Mode continues to be a hot topic, especially since in...

Thoughts On Education

7 months ago

As my LinkedIn inbox graciously reminded me that I’ve been working on...

Join Google Ads And GA4 Data In Google BigQuery

8 months ago

I am fortunate to share another guest post by Arben Kqiku, Digital...

Cloud Run With Server-side Tagging In Google Tag Manager

9 months ago

In a recent update to server-side tagging in Google Tag Manager, Google...

The Google Tag Template In Google Tag Manager

10 months ago

Google is going all-in with Google Tag. We’ve already seen the consolidation...

Settings Variables For GA4 In Google Tag Manager

10 months ago

One of the big pain points in configuring Google Analytics 4 through...

Thank You

11 months ago

Today marks the date of exactly 10 years of marriage to my...

Just Breathe

12 months ago

Content warning: introspection, parenthood, “Floating Butt” When Benjamin (our first child) was...

Transformations In Server-side Google Tag Manager

about 1 year ago

In January 2020, when Google Tag Manager’s server-side tagging was first introduced...