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Last updated 5 days ago

Completing the largest migration in Kubernetes history

5 days ago

Since as early as Kubernetes v1.7, the Kubernetes project has pursued the...

From Code to Quill: Embark on a Legendary Kubernetes Quest with SIG Docs

9 days ago

You've likely heard the adage, "Contributing isn't just about writing code" whispered...

Gateway API v1.1: Service mesh, GRPCRoute, and a whole lot more

16 days ago

Following the GA release of Gateway API last October, Kubernetes SIG Network...

Container Runtime Interface streaming explained

24 days ago

The Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface (CRI) acts as the main connection between...

Kubernetes 1.30: Preventing unauthorized volume mode conversion moves to GA

25 days ago

With the release of Kubernetes 1.30, the feature to prevent the modification...

Kubernetes 1.30: Multi-Webhook and Modular Authorization Made Much Easier

29 days ago

With Kubernetes 1.30, we (SIG Auth) are moving Structured Authorization Configuration to...

Kubernetes 1.30: Structured Authentication Configuration Moves to Beta

about 1 month ago

With Kubernetes 1.30, we (SIG Auth) are moving Structured Authentication Configuration to...

Kubernetes 1.30: Validating Admission Policy Is Generally Available

about 1 month ago

On behalf of the Kubernetes project, I am excited to announce that...

Kubernetes 1.30: Read-only volume mounts can be finally literally read-only

about 1 month ago

Author: Akihiro Suda (NTT) Read-only volume mounts have been a feature of...

Kubernetes 1.30: Beta Support For Pods With User Namespaces

about 1 month ago

Authors: Rodrigo Campos Catelin (Microsoft), Giuseppe Scrivano (Red Hat), Sascha Grunert (Red...

Kubernetes v1.30: Uwubernetes

about 1 month ago

Editors: Amit Dsouza, Frederick Kautz, Kristin Martin, Abigail McCarthy, Natali Vlatko Announcing...

Spotlight on SIG Architecture: Code Organization

about 1 month ago

Author: Frederico Muñoz (SAS Institute) This is the third interview of a...