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Last updated 2 months ago

Harnessing Machine Learning to Achieve Net Zero

2 months ago

A Talk for the 2021 ICML Workshop on Tackling Climate Change with...

Generating Reality: Technical and Social Explorations in Generative Machine Learning Research

3 months ago

An Invited Talk for NACCL-HLT 2021, 8 June 2021. I am extremely...

Inventing Ourselves: Responsibility and Diversity in Research

7 months ago

This piece was a contribution to the wonderful book by Gavin Brown...

Pain and Machine Learning

10 months ago

Was so excited to get this opportunity to talk about pain and...

Through the Eyes of Birds and Frogs: Writing and Surveys in Machine Learning Research

10 months ago

Savoured the opportunity to talk about writing surveys and reviews at the...

Imaginations of Good, Missions for Change

11 months ago

Was grateful to be given the opportunity to support the 2020 TechAide...

Queering Machine Learning

about 1 year ago

I am incredibly humbled to have been able to give a short...

Queer Exceptionalism in Science

over 1 year ago

Written during the 2020 LGBTQ History Month Remembrance that takes place during...

Machinery of Grace

almost 2 years ago

Shakir Mohamed | 1345 words (~14mins). Will link to video once it's...

A New Consciousness of Inclusion in Machine Learning

over 2 years ago

On LGBT Freedoms and our Support for Machine Learning in Africa This...

Racialised Lives and the Life Beyond

over 2 years ago

I spoke at the 2019 Equality in Science Symposium at the Liverpool...

Talk: How Do We Support Under-represented Groups To Put Themselves Forward?

almost 3 years ago

I gave a talk at the Royal Society's 2018 annual diversity conference...