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Last updated 19 days ago

Trip report: Summer ISO C++ standards meeting (St Louis, MO, USA)

19 days ago

On Saturday, the ISO C++ committee completed its fourth meeting of C++26...

Podcast: Interview with Software Engineering Daily

about 1 month ago

Also in April, I was interviewed by Jordi Mon Companys for Software...

April talk video posted: “Safety, Security, Safety[sic] and C/C++[sic]”

about 2 months ago

Many thanks to ACCU for inviting me back again this April. It...

Pre-ACCU interview video is live

4 months ago

On Friday, I sat down with Kevin Carpenter to do a short...

Trip report: Winter ISO C++ standards meeting (Tokyo, Japan)

4 months ago

Moments ago, the ISO C++ committee completed the closing Saturday plenary session...

C++ safety, in context

4 months ago

Scope. To talk about C++’s current safety problems and solutions well, I...

Effective Concurrency: Live online course in April

5 months ago

I generally give one or two courses a year on C++ and...

Trip report: Autumn ISO C++ standards meeting (Kona, HI, USA)

8 months ago

Today, the ISO C++ committee completed its second meeting of C++26, held...

My new CppCon talk is on YouTube: “Cooperative C++ Evolution – Toward a TypeScript for C++”

10 months ago

My Thursday CppCon talk is now online Note: There’s already a Reddit...

cppfront: Autumn update

10 months ago

Since the 2022-12-31 year-end mini-update and the 2023-04-30 spring update, progress has...

My C++ Now 2023 talk is online: “A TypeScript for C++”

11 months ago

Thanks again to C++ Now for inviting me to speak this year...