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Last updated 20 minutes ago

A bundle of almost every Assassin’s Creed game is more than $200 off

29 minutes ago

With Assassin's Creed Shadows having just been announced, now seems like a...

Anime Switch codes May 2024

30 minutes ago

May 19, 2024: Anime Switch is still down for a rework. It's...

Don’t Starve meets Hades in this free to play twin-stick shooter

about 3 hours ago

It's tough to explain exactly what Wizard with a Gun is without...

New FPS roguelike rhythm game nets positive reviews on Steam

about 3 hours ago

FPS and rhythm games go well together. We've seen this in the...

2015’s Game of the Year with all DLC is 75% off

about 4 hours ago

There are simply not many games that can match The Witcher 3's...

Ghost of Tsushima tops God of War as PlayStation’s biggest PC port yet

about 5 hours ago

Probably the best way to describe Ghost of Tsushima is that it's...

League of Legends micropatch sneaks in Draven nerf, tanks win rate

about 5 hours ago

League of Legends is constantly and routinely updated, with significant balance changes...

WoW Mists of Pandaria Remix players revive absurd frog farming method

about 6 hours ago

World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Remix has sparked new life into...

Legendary horror FPS game blows up on Steam, and you can play it free

about 6 hours ago

Tripwire Interactive has been a mainstay in PC gaming since 2006. Over...

Innovative hockey roguelike slashes price for short period

about 7 hours ago

The hockey sim genre of video games has not seen much innovation...

Ubisoft CoD rival XDefiant outlines MTX and pay-to-win approach

about 8 hours ago

It's been a while since a major publisher decided to work on...

Fantasy city builder launches to strong Steam player count and reviews

1 day ago

After spending a while in Early Access on Steam, Fabledom has launched...