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Last updated 6 days ago

City of Hope Redefines Predictive Sepsis Detection Using Kafka

6 days ago

City of Hope’s AI models for predicting and preventing sepsis in bone-marrow...

How Alexri Amplifies Tech Innovation as a Customer Marketing Manager

10 days ago

Discover how Alexri Patel-Sigmon helps amplify tech innovation with data streaming in...

Building a Full-Stack Application With Kafka and Node.js

11 days ago

confluent-kafka-javascript offers two APIs for calling Kafka from JS, one KafkaJS-like &amp...

MiFID II: Data Streaming for Post-Trade Reporting

12 days ago

Data streaming with Confluent enables the integration and processing of post-trade data...

Running Apache Kafka® at the Edge Requires Confluent’s Enterprise-Grade Data Streaming Platform

25 days ago

Deploy Apache Kafka® at the edge with Confluent to avoid complexities and...

Unlocking the Edge: Data Streaming Goes Where You Go with Confluent

25 days ago

Learn how edge computing applications are enabled by data streaming with Confluent...

How to Scale RAG and Build More Accurate LLMs

25 days ago

Struggling to get your GenAI app off the ground? You’re not alone—GenAI...

Confluent Is Named Microsoft’s 2024 OSS on Azure Global Partner of the Year

26 days ago

Our OSS on Azure Partner of the Year Award highlights Confluent's data...

Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion Adds Support for Confluent Cloud as Source

26 days ago

Announcing AWS OpenSearch Ingestion support for Confluent, which enables many new architectures...

Enhanced Cybersecurity with Real-Time Log Aggregation and Analysis

27 days ago

Leverage Confluent’s data streaming platform to continuously ingest, process, and analyze logs...

Build a scalable and up-to-date generative AI chatbot with Amazon Bedrock and Confluent Cloud for business loan specialists

27 days ago

Learn to build a scalable generative AI chatbot using Amazon Bedrock and...

How to Turn a REST API Into a Data Stream with Kafka and Flink

about 1 month ago

Improve REST API response data w/Kafka and Flink SQL in Confluent Cloud...