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Last updated 1 day ago

Announcing ksqlDB 0.21.0

1 day ago

We’re pleased to announce ksqlDB 0.21.0! This release includes a major upgrade...

What’s New in Apache Kafka 3.0.0

4 days ago

I’m pleased to announce the release of Apache Kafka 3.0 on behalf...

Kafka Summit Americas 2021 Recap

9 days ago

The full inventory of three online Kafka Summits in 2021 is now...

Getting Started with GraphQL and Apache Kafka

10 days ago

GraphQL and Apache Kafka® are sometimes troubled with misconceptions. One of the...

Confluent Unlocks the Full Power of Event Streams with Stream Governance

12 days ago

Data governance initiatives aim to manage the availability, integrity, and security of...

Event Sourcing Outgrows the Database

16 days ago

I’ve always found event sourcing to be fascinating. We spend so much...

Announcing Elastic Data Streams Support for Confluent’s Elasticsearch Sink Connector

25 days ago

Today, as part of our expanded partnership with Elastic, we are announcing...

Driving New Integrations with Confluent and ksqlDB at ACERTUS

about 1 month ago

When companies need help with their vehicle fleets—including transport, storage, or renewing...

How ksqlDB Works: Internal Architecture & Advanced Features

about 1 month ago

To effectively use ksqlDB, the streaming database for Apache Kafka®, you should...

Implement a Cross-Platform Apache Kafka Producer and Consumer with C# and .NET

about 1 month ago

Sometimes you’d like to write your own code for producing data to...

Announcing ksqlDB 0.20.0

about 1 month ago

We’re pleased to announce ksqlDB 0.20.0! The 0.20 ksqlDB release includes support...

Announcing the Confluent Q3 ’21 Release

about 1 month ago

The Confluent Q3 ‘21 release is here and packed full of new...