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Last updated 24 minutes ago

Forget Madden, Legend Bowl is the American Football game you should play

27 minutes ago

The NFL being back on TV can mean only two things for...

Valheim tar locations, tar farm methods, and how to defeat Growths

33 minutes ago

Valheim tar is a new item in Hearth and Home used in...

Deathloop Aleksis | How assassinate Aleksis with the meat grinder

34 minutes ago

Party animal Aleksis is painting Updaam red in more ways than one,...

Deathloop Egor | How to silence Egor's device and reveal the control panel

about 1 hour ago

Blackreef’s second scientist, Egor, might have a smaller lab, but is no...

Deathloop Frank | How to prevent Otto's fire and sabotage the fireworks

about 1 hour ago

One of the more nuanced Visionaries on Blackreef, musical maestro Frank is...

How to craft Valheim cartography table and what it does

about 1 hour ago

The Valheim cartography table is a new addition in the Hearth and...

Genshin Impact Kokomi build and best Kokomi weapons and artifacts to use

about 2 hours ago

The best Genshin Impact Kokomi build turns the leader of the Sangonomiya...

SteamOS 3 leaks, giving us a look at the full Steam Deck UI

about 3 hours ago

The latest version of Valve's Linux-based operating system, SteamOS 3, is now...

Nintendo is working on a new Switch controller, to be revealed in the next six months

about 5 hours ago

Nintendo's next Switch controller has been discovered in a new filing with...

Weapon durability returns in Dying Light 2

about 6 hours ago

Techland has revealed a few more details about its approach to weapon...

Microids is working on two games based on Taito's franchises, coming next year

about 8 hours ago

Microids, the French publisher behind Syberia, and Flashback is teaming up with...

God of War Ragnarok will conclude the Norse saga because games take took long to make

about 9 hours ago

It's taken Sony Santa Monica nearly five years to reinvent the iconic...