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about 13 hours ago

If a jacket is made by Patagonia or a piece of hardware...

Customer math for a new business

1 day ago

How much does it cost to get a new customer How much...

Semantic algebra

3 days ago

Doing math problems in your head is a skill. No one is...

Complaints are a gift

4 days ago

It’s easy to see a complaint as simple whining, the narcissistic impatience...

The obligations of the Town Hall

4 days ago

A few hundred years ago, small towns in New England embraced the...

The unwarranted smile

5 days ago

When we do something nice for someone, a ‘thank you’ and a...

Invention or discovery?

5 days ago

We can agree that Isaac Newton didn’t invent gravity. It was here...

Pet quirks

7 days ago

Peeves make lousy pets. They undermine us and put us on edge...

The strategy sessions

7 days ago

I’m workshopping a new book For the last few months, I’ve been...

I fixed it for you

9 days ago

Creativity is about hope and possibility. It gives us a chance to...

Success is not an option

10 days ago

In any creative endeavor, it’s possible to define success as the big...

Cats and dogs

11 days ago

Does your brand have a personality When people expect you to act...