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Last updated about 18 hours ago

Defending change (or the status quo)

about 19 hours ago

The easy argument to make is that the thing we have now...

Messing with Strathern’s Law

2 days ago

“When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good...

Labor and value

3 days ago

Adam Smith and David Ricardo argued that all value comes from labor...

Gift cards, serial numbers and hard technology

4 days ago

I bought someone a digital gift card the other day. That’s generally...

Raining on your picnic (on your birthday)

5 days ago

A friend just got handed an unreasonable rejection. It came on a...

The programmatic ask

6 days ago

Favors are part of the glue of our culture. It’s not easy...

The simple market

7 days ago

If you want something that makes your life better, you can buy...

Copy design

8 days ago

Copywriting turns words into action But which words? And which action? Often,...

Appropriate risk

9 days ago

We talk about risk like it’s a bad thing But all forward...

Respecting their time

10 days ago

When we go around the room and have each person introduce themselves...

Assume that both are true

11 days ago

Syncretism is the act of integrating new cultural ideas into the ones...

We are not astronomers

12 days ago

Unlike most of the sciences, astronomy is always done at a distance...