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Last updated 39 minutes ago

Basecamp has offset our cumulative emissions through 2019

about 1 hour ago

Earlier this year, we announced that Basecamp was committing to getting to...

Introducing the Basecamp security bug bounty

3 days ago

We’ve run a private security bug bounty program since 2014. Invited testers...

Don’t take their word for it

28 days ago

A few weeks ago, we needed some hardware fast. After some back...

Basecamp is hiring a Product Designer

28 days ago

Basecamp’s Core Product team is hiring a Senior Designer! We’ll be accepting...

We write code, not documents

about 1 month ago

Recently a student asked me Could you describe one instance where you...

Demand Side Sales 101, a new book on sales by Bob Moesta.

about 1 month ago

Bob Moesta is a dear friend, mentor, and all around original thinker...

Options, Not Roadmaps

about 2 months ago

Since Shape Up came out, many people asked some version of this...

Inside a CODE RED: Network Edition

about 2 months ago

I wanted to follow up to Jeremy’s post about our recent outages...

Three Basecamp outages. One week. What happened?

about 2 months ago

Basecamp has suffered through three serious outages in the last week, on...

How Basecamp Became a 100% Remote Company

2 months ago

Moving is never fun. It’s bad enough when it’s your stuff, but...

We’re hiring Rails programmers

3 months ago

We have two rare openings on our Core Product team for Rails...

Remote work is a platform

3 months ago

Back in the mid-90s, just as Netscape Navigator was giving us our...