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Last updated 8 months ago

Testimony before the North Dakota Senate Industry, Business and Labor Committee

8 months ago

Chairman Klein and members of the Senate Industry, Business and Labor Committee-...

Reiterating our Use Restrictions Policy

8 months ago

The attack on the US Capitol, and subsequent threats of violence surrounding...

HTML over the wire

9 months ago

You can write fast, modern, responsive web applications by generating your HTML...

Validation is a mirage

9 months ago

Spend enough time talking with entrepreneurs, product people, designers, and anyone charged...

The Making of a Dumpster Fire

9 months ago

A few weeks ago we launched a new marketing project for HEY.com...

How to waste half a day by not reading RFC 1034

11 months ago

HEY uses a branch deploy system that I’ve written about here on...

Basecamp has offset our cumulative emissions through 2019

11 months ago

Earlier this year, we announced that Basecamp was committing to getting to...

Introducing the Basecamp security bug bounty

11 months ago

We’ve run a private security bug bounty program since 2014. Invited testers...

Don’t take their word for it

12 months ago

A few weeks ago, we needed some hardware fast. After some back...

Basecamp is hiring a Product Designer

12 months ago

Basecamp’s Core Product team is hiring a Senior Designer! We’ll be accepting...

We write code, not documents

about 1 year ago

Recently a student asked me Could you describe one instance where you...

Demand Side Sales 101, a new book on sales by Bob Moesta.

about 1 year ago

Bob Moesta is a dear friend, mentor, and all around original thinker...