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Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science

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Last updated about 24 hours ago

The Javert paradox rears its ugly head

1 day ago

The Javert paradox is, you will recall, the following: Suppose you find...

Doubting the IHME claims about excess deaths by country

2 days ago

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington...

Blast from the past

3 days ago

Paul Alper points us to this news article, The Secret Tricks Hidden...

Formalizing questions about feedback loops from model predictions

4 days ago

This is Jessica. Recently I asked a question about when a model...

Raymond Smullyan on Ted Cruz, Al Sharpton, and those scary congressmembers

4 days ago

Palko shares this fun logic puzzle from the great Raymond Smullyan which...

Any graph should contain the seeds of its own destruction

5 days ago

The title of this post is a line that Jeff Lax liked...

Postmodernism for zillionaires

5 days ago

“Postmodernism” in academia is the approach of saying nonsense using a bunch...

size of bubbles in a bubble chart

6 days ago

We like bubble charts. In particular, it is the go-to visualization template...

Whassup with the weird state borders on this vaccine hesitancy map?

7 days ago

Luke Vrotsos writes I thought you might find this interesting because it...

Whatever you’re looking for, it’s somewhere in the Stan documentation and you can just google for it.

8 days ago

Someone writes Do you have link to an example of Zero-inflated poisson...

Responding to Richard Morey on p-values and inference

9 days ago

Jonathan Falk points to this post by Richard Morey, who writes I...