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Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science

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Last updated about 11 hours ago

Calling all cats

about 12 hours ago

Those of you familiar with this blog will have noticed that it...

A normalizing flow by any other name

1 day ago

Another week, another nice survey paper from Google. This time Papamakarios, G.,...

This study could be just fine, or not. Maybe I’ll believe it if there’s an independent preregistered replication.

1 day ago

David Allison sent along this article, Sexually arousing ads induce sex-specific financial...

How many patients do doctors kill by accident?

3 days ago

Paul Kedrosky writes There is a longstanding debate in the medical community...

Researcher offers ridiculous reasons for refusing to reassess work in light of serious criticism

4 days ago

Jordan Anaya writes This response from Barbara Fredrickson to one of Nick’s...

Making differential equation models in Stan more computationally efficient via some analytic integration

5 days ago

We were having a conversation about differential equation models in pharmacometrics, in...

“Sometimes research just has to start somewhere, and subject itself to criticism and potential improvement.”

6 days ago

Pointing to this careful news article by Monica Beyer, “Controversial study links...

Coronavirus “hits all the hot buttons” for promoting the scientist-as-hero narrative (cognitive psychology edition)

7 days ago

The New York Times continues to push the cognitive-illusion angle on coronavirus...

“Repeating the experiment” as general advice on data collection

7 days ago

Izzy Kates points to the above excerpt from Introductory Statistics, by Neil...

How good is the Bayes posterior for prediction really?

8 days ago

It might not be common courtesy of this blog to make comments...