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Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science

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Last updated about 14 hours ago

HMC fails when you initialize at the mode

about 14 hours ago

Nawaf Bou-Rabee was telling me and Chirag Modi that a high-dimensional normal...


about 21 hours ago

I was thinking the other day about tenured faculty who don’t do...

GPT today: Buffon’s Needle in Python with plotting (and some jokes)

1 day ago

Werner Krauth is visiting NYU’s Simons Center for Physics from ENS in...

Another opportunity in MLB for Stan users: the Phillies are hiring

2 days ago

The Philadelphia Phillies reached out to let us know they are looking...

No, I don’t believe the claim that “Mothers negatively affected by having three daughters and no sons, study shows.”

2 days ago

Desislava Petkova writes An article in the Family section of the Guardian...

From what body part does the fish rot?

3 days ago

Dale Lehman writes You are undoubtedly aware of the controversy surrounding the...

Mitzi’s and my talks in Trieste 3 and 4 June 2024 (yes, they’ll be broadcast)

4 days ago

I couldn’t resist quoting Andrew’s statistical lexicon in my abstract! It’d be...

What to make of implicit biases in LLM output?

4 days ago

This is Jessica. Xuechunzi Bai, Angelina Wang, Ilia Sucholutsky, and Tom Griffiths...

“Former dean of Temple University convicted of fraud for using fake data to boost its national ranking”

4 days ago

Greg Mayer writes A colleague recently sent me this paper which might...

More red meat for you AI skeptics out there

5 days ago

Gary Smith writes The real danger today is not that computers are...

A data science course for high school students

5 days ago

David Kane writes in to tell us about his free 8-week data...

Not eating sweet potatoes: Is that gonna kill me?

6 days ago

Dean Eckles writes I thought this NPR report was an interesting example...