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Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science

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Last updated about 2 hours ago

Comparing collaborative to non-collaborative research

about 2 hours ago

David O’Connor writes I’ve been working on this idea and I thought...

Wanna bet? A COVID-19 example.

about 21 hours ago

This post is by Phil Price, not Andrew Andrew wrote a post...

BREAKING: Benford’s law violations in California. Hollywood TV and movie franchises got some splainin to do!

1 day ago

As you may have heard, there was MASSIVE FRAUD in the California...

The Bayesian cringe

2 days ago

I used this expression the other day in Lauren’s seminar and she...

Public opinion on vaccine mandates etc.

3 days ago

My general impression from studying U.S. public opinion is that people don’t...

“Citizen Keane: The Big Lies Behind the Big Eyes”

4 days ago

I was listening to the radio and they played a song by...

Progress! (cross validation for Bayesian multilevel modeling)

5 days ago

I happened to come across this post from 2004 on cross validation...

What’s the best way to interact with a computer? Do we want conversations, or do we want to poke it like a thing?

6 days ago

Venkat Govindarajan writes John Siracusa in episode 19 of his pre-eminent podcast...

“Hello, World!” with Emoji (Stan edition)

7 days ago

Brian Ward sorted out our byte-level string escaping in Stan in this...

What’s the difference between xkcd and Freakonomics?

7 days ago

The above, of course, is from xkcd. In contrast, Freakonomics went contrarian...