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Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science

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Last updated about 15 hours ago

Bill James is back

about 15 hours ago

I checked Bill James Online the other day and it’s full of...

His data came out in the opposite direction of his hypothesis. How to report this in the publication?

1 day ago

Fabio Martinenghi writes I am a PhD candidate in Economics and I...

Derived quantities and generative models

3 days ago

Sandro Ambuehl, who sketched the above non-cat picture, writes I [Ambuehl] was...

The challenge of fitting “good advice” into a coherent course on statistics

4 days ago

From an article I published in 2008 Let’s also not forget the...

We want certainty even when it’s not appropriate

5 days ago

Remember the stents example? An experiment was conducted comparing two medical procedures...

Election Scenario Explorer using Economist Election Model

5 days ago

Ric Fernholz writes I wanted to tell you about a new website...

Everything that can be said can be said clearly.

5 days ago

The title as many may know, is a quote from Wittgenstein. It...

In case you’re wondering . . . this is why the U.S. health care system is the most expensive in the world

6 days ago

Read the above letter carefully, then remember this. (Greg Mankiw called comparisons...

Low rate of positive coronavirus tests

6 days ago

As happens sometimes, I receive two related emails on the same day...

Taking the bus

7 days ago

Bert Gunter writes This article on bus ridership is right up your...

Election forecasts: The math, the goals, and the incentives (my talk this Wed afternoon at Cornell University)

7 days ago

At the Colloquium for the Center for Applied Mathematics, Fri 18 Sep...

Coronavirus disparities in Palestine and in Michigan

8 days ago

I wanted to share two articles that were sent to me recently...