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Feeder supports anyone taking a stand against Apple's anti-competitive practices

August 14, 2020 10:47

Feeder is an app built in Stockholm, Sweden, run by a team of 2 indie developers. Over the years we have paid almost $1000 in Apple Developer membership fees and tens of thousand of dollars for hardware to be able to develop for Apple's platform. We have also been forced to give Apple a 30% cut of all paid subscriptions created via our iOS app.

In March of this year, Apple removed our app from the app store in China. In the ramp up of the COVID-19 disaster, when free and open information was more important than ever before, Apple bowed down to pushback from the Chinese dictatorship. There was no process, no investigation, no judge or jury.

We are powerless to act in this scenario of Apple's control over app distribution.

We've been forced to make concessions to our user experience to play by Apple's anti-competitive practices. One example is Apple's recently released "Sign-in with Apple". If an app allows third party sign-in, like Google or Facebook, an app must allow and display "Sign in with Apple" as prominently as others. As a Chrome extension primarily, integrating Apple's sign-in does not make sense. Yet, Apple holds our user experience hostage in return for access to their platform.

Being a small indie-shop we've felt our protests would never amount to much. We are in awe of Epic Game's bold move to take a stand, but also Hey's public fight for their rights. In solidarity, Feeder is taking a stand by publicly supporting the efforts by Epic games, Hey, ProtonMail, Spotify and anyone else willing to speak up.

We believe in the promise of the open internet. We want freedom for our users. Join us in taking a stand.

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