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New year, new(er) Feeder

Today we are releasing a new version of the Feeder extensions and web reader. For most of you it's a light visual refresh, but for us it is a big step in increasing our development speed.

Changelog (visual & code)

  • Unread badges are lighter
  • All types of buttons know use one class
  • Themes are know easier to develop
  • Empty states look the same
  • Removed a lot of old code
  • Know using a smaller color palette

Deprecating old themes

Feeder as an extension has existed since 2010. In 2012 we rewrote it from the ground up, complete with a redesign at the time. For 7 years now we have lived with the themes made in 2012, Light and Dark. In 2017 we released two new themes but kept the old ones as "Light Old" and "Dark Old".

With 7 year old legacy code comes a lot of technical debt that doesn't easily slot into new ways of doing things. With this refresh we wanted it to make it easier to add new themes. To be able to do this in a clean, easy and fast way we had to let the legacy themes go.

We know how difficult it is when things suddenly change, so the decision wasn't made lightly.

An Ode to Olde Themes

Designer Johan has written up a poem to commemorate the passing of the old themes, but also to celebrate the coming of new.

Old and dusty,
Worn and wained,
Not replaced,
Just improved

More on the horizon

As always, we're hard at work on Feeder. Our current goal is to make Feeder easier to use and just generally feel better. If you have happen to notice any changes or improvements suddenly, that is why. We'd love to hear your thoughts on what Feeder should be better at.

We're always listening at for feedback, questions and ideas!