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New feature: Post actions

January 18, 2018 15:57


Today we are happy to unveil our latest feature: Post actions.

Post actions are actions that trigger on posts that match criteria you decide on. For example automatically star posts that include certain keywords, or mark posts as read that are posted on weekends. 

The current set of actions are star posts and mark as read. In the future, we will add more types of actions, like notifications. If you think something is missing, please let us know.

Post actions can be used in many ways. They enable entirely new ways of working in Feeder.

For example: With post actions and Feeder, you could create a ticketing system for your support staff. Combine the star post-action with a time of day-criteria, to automatically star posts during your work hours. The starred post list will then function as your todo list. Unmark them as starred when you are done, and move on to the next step.

Read more on our Help page.

Improvements to incoming filters

Under the hood post actions use the same mechanisms as incoming filters. So while developing this feature we took the time to improve the experience of adding and maintaining incoming filters as well. 

Now you will see in realtime the result of all your combined filters while adding criteria. Making it easier to see what posts are filtered out or kept.


Our goal was to reduce the possibility of overzealous filters, filters that remove all posts, instead of just a subset.

Available for Feeder Pro users

Post actions are available for Feeder Pro users only. All new signups get to try Feeder Pro for free for 14 days. Your support allows us to keep the lights on and continue improving Feeder even more.

Any and all feedback is always welcome:

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