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Changelog 2018.1

January 13, 2018 16:21


Finding the time to write Changelog was a bit harder than we initially anticipated when starting this series, but here is our first update of the new year!

Since the last time I wrote we’ve been working hard on a yet-to-be-released new feature, that we’re looking forward to announcing pretty soon.

Besides that we’ve been listening in our support channels regarding bugs, minor annoyances and other things. Remember: We’re always listening at If you run into a bug, or just want to say Hello, please don’t hesitate to write!

  • (Behind-the-scenes) Fix a problem crawling some websites that had special characters in them

  • (Behind-the-scenes) Fix a bug with our connection to our metrics provider for Google Play and iOS in-app payments

  • (Firefox) Diagnose a bug a user encountered in Firefox that caused the extension to look very weird indeed. Tracked it down to the configuration setting `privacy.resistFingerprinting = true`. Tried to file a bug with Mozilla. response was… Mild.

  • (Firefox) A build of our Firefox extension was rejected because we had accidentally included a ZIP file of a previous build in the new build. Fixed our build system and uploaded a new version to fix the problem

  • (Behind-the-scenes) Started moving post content storage from S3 to Amazon Aurora, to be able to do things like include previews of the post everywhere (more about that to come!)

  • (Web) Implemented a signup for Feeder Business accounts

  • (Settings) Enable HTTPS for all settings pages

  • (Settings) Enable Service Workers to speed up initial page load of the settings pages

  • (Settings) Fix some oddities when editing filters

  • (Holiday fun) Implemented a operations Slack bot called Opi 🐼 With Opi we can manage our infrastructure and get notified of important events

  • (Misc) Erik spent a day with Technigo helping their students learn MongoDB. It was really fun to get out from the office a bit and talk to programmers in the beginning of their careers

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