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Changelog: December

December 08, 2017 17:04

The last Changelog post was over a month ago, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working! The last month we have released a lot of stuff that we’ve been working on for ages, for example:

- Firefox
- New website
- Our Black Friday deal

And while doing that also done a lot of minor improvements that we thought you might want to know about:

  • (Misc.) Created a tool to convert bookmarks.html files to OPML for importing into Feeder and other services. Lots of old feed readers stopped working with the latest version of Firefox, and this tool should help in those scenarios:
  • (iOS) Fix a bug where opening an RSS link in Safari would not open the “Add Feed” screen properly
  • (Extension) Fix a bug in Chrome where scrolling would not work well if zoom was enabled
  • (Backend) Re-organize the code for our feed crawler to make it easier to add alternate parsing modes like JSON feed.
  • (Backend) Implement JSON Feed support
  • (Settings) Import spreadsheets and CSV’s in the settings page
  • (Behind-the-scenes) Add a layer of caching for unread counts. To reduce server load and lay groundwork for some long awaited features…
  • (Behind-the-scenes) Found that a MySQL table had two indexes for the exact same thing on the largest table in our database. Deleted that to save 20 GB
  • (Behind-the-scenes) Found another index on the largest MySQL table that was unused, saved 36GB by deleting it, thus freeing up a total of 50GB of storage on a server with only 13 GB left
  • (Web & Extension) Fix keyboard navigation for navigating between posts, feeds and folders (Up/down/left/right or if you’re more the hacking kind H/J/K/L)
  • (Extension) Hopefully put the final nail in a Chrome bug caused by system zoom, Chrome page zoom, and bugs in Chrome (turns out we missed one scenario… That fix is rolling out soon)
  • (Android) Fix bugs that popped up with the 2.2.0 release
  • (Android) Fix notifications not working properly on Android O
  • (Behind-the-scenes) Realised that adding Redis caching to our web app servers is a breeze thanks to using Docker with Docker Swarm

And a lot more that we forgot to write up.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for using Feeder. Your support means so much to us.

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