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Changelog IV: A new site

November 10, 2017 16:28

☝️ Employee of the week!

Chief of Design and Bookkeeping Johan has had a crunch week to completely overhaul our website. He’s been at the office working, working, working from 09 AM to 11 PM/midnight every day. Hopefully he hasn’t burned out by the end of today, and can continue to design amazing things for you all next week! The overhauled website is not quite done yet, but soon.

Programmer Erik (me) continued working on updates to the Android and iOS apps, but was sidetracked due to three things:

1. A database server needed maintenance. Attempted to fix without downtime, determined it wasn’t possible unfortunately. If you’re interested in the technical details let me know. It’s always fun to talk bits and bytes
2. Due to amazing growth the last couple of weeks a new bottleneck popped up and said hello, so spent some emergency time improving that.
3. Some major issues surfaced in the ongoing Firefox trial, urgently fixed those.

Here is a list of great stuff that we did:

  • (Web) Fix issue where dark themes shows dark background on certain sites
  • (iOS) Make it a lot faster to open feeds with many posts loaded
  • (iOS) Fix a really pesky issue where the simple/original switcher would be in the wrong place at the wrong time
  • (Behind-the-scenes) Tried doing an online upgrade of a database server. Caused slowness and unhappy users for a couple of minutes during Tuesday, so had to schedule a maintenance window for Saturday
  • (Behind-the-scenes) Due to a large increase in number of users recently, the system that queues feeds for updates started lagging behind a bit. Spent some time to address that bottleneck
  • (Family) Our grandfather came over for a visit to the office and for some fika at the café in our building. The café is hosted by the amazing Homeless Foundation “Hemlösas” in Sweden. All the profit goes to supporting the homeless of Stockholm. If you’re visiting Stockholm between now and April next year, make sure to visit! 
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