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Changelog: Week 44

November 03, 2017 13:20

Did you know that in Sweden we count the weeks of the year? And here in Stockholm week 44 means the school children have the week off for reading.

Anyway, here are some changes we’ve done to Feeder during this week:

  • (Backend) Excessive logging on our servers caused some processes to crash. Spent some time fine tuning logging
  • (Office) Broke a wine glass while clearing up in the kitchen. Spent subsequent half hour cleaning and feeling ashamed
  • (Android) Add feed name and published time to list of posts
  • (Android) Remember which tab you selected on the main list across restarts
  • (Extension) Fix an extremely, sillily obscure bug when deleting a bunch of folders, then deleting a feed, then them mysteriously appearing again.
  • (Settings in Web) Upgrade the version of Ember ( we use as framework for settings page, from 2.14 to 2.16
  • (Settings in Web) Make it possible to really swiftly remove a lot of feeds and folders at the same time
  • (Settings in Web) Now you can copy all filters from one feed onto another
  • (Web) Remove a confusing “Trial days left” banner when no trial was active…
  • (Web) Found a missing “Back to feeds” button for settings page when logged in

Check it out!

Deleting many

Copying filters

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