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Announcing the Gengo power-up for Feeder


Today we’re very proud to announce a collaboration between Feeder and Gengo, a human translation platform headquartered in Tokyo.

Together with Gengo we developed a set of features that perfectly suits a Gengo translator’s needs. With the Gengo power-up for Feeder you get:

  • Faster updates - Gain access to a special fast lane for these speed crucial feeds
  • Gengo post filters - Reward amount, job tier, language pairs, lets you block out unnecessary noise
  • Time of day - Only receive notifications when you are actually available to take a job

The Gengo power-up for Feeder is currently in beta. We’re inviting all Gengo’s translators to try it out for free until the 1st of September.

“As a translator, Feeder has become my number one tool to get constant, updated information on new jobs as they become available. I also appreciate being able to customize it to my personal needs as well as using my account on different operating systems, devices and browsers.”
– Alicia L. Alonso, Gengo translator

Gengo is a marketplace where translators meet clients needing translations done. Each translator gets their own personal RSS feed with incoming jobs, that they can then add to their RSS Feed Reader of choice. Jobs are handed out on a first-come-first-serve basis, therefor speed and timeliness is very important.

RSS is an amazing open standard, and thanks to it external vendors are able to build exciting new tools on top of it. When speaking with Gengo they were very adamant that they wanted to provide an open and democratic platform. And we agree. The internet was built to be open, and we’re very proud to be able to work to further the interests of an open web.

Try it out today, sign up for a Feeder account and try out the Gengo power-up for Feeder!

Not a Gengo user, but have ideas for similar collaborations? We’re always listening at